For individuals, SMEs and freelancers is an easy, fast and efficient way to get the best quote for their insurance of any kind. The quotes you will receive on are accurate (not like the ones you receive on online comparators, which are only approximate).

In the answer is human (not a bot), from professional mediators (agents and brokers) and, therefore, their advice on the best insurance for you is much more accurate and adjusted to your real needs.

Many people think that direct insurance and those contracted directly with the insurance company are cheaper, but this is a mistake because many brokers have great discounts for attracting new clients, complements, bonuses, etc., which allow them to offer you discounts that you can’t even imagine.

Furthermore, in the event of a claim, the insured is at the mercy of the insurer if he does not have an expert to advise him and defend his interests against the insurer. Hiring a lawyer in the event of a claim should be a last resort and is much more expensive (you can also do it through and you will have access only to lawyers specialized in insurance). On the other hand, the mediator will defend you before the insurer because it is his obligation and it is in his interest to defend his clients. Does anyone think that insurers would dispense with mediators if they had no interest in anyone defending the insured? Think about why direct line insurers or insurers who want you to hire them directly prefer this system. Your rights are at stake.

Direct contracting limits the information and the ability to defend and claim the rights of the insured and defends only the interests of large corporations. is not a mediator and does not charge any commission because you contact a mediator through our platform. The contracting will be done offline between you, at no cost and with no commission for