All of us who are familiar with the insurance sector know that today the main interest of insurance companies is to do without intermediaries. Either through direct line insurers or through direct contracting based on massive advertising on their own web portals, they try to leave the broker on the sidelines, which leads to a worsening of the conditions offered to customers and policyholders and an obvious detriment to brokers. The latter are forced to continue contracting personally, as in the past, being progressively left out of the current online market, even though it is in continuous growth, or else to have web pages whose positioning in Google is very expensive and involves a permanent cost. The insurance broker is losing market share at an increasing rate. is an insurance Marketplace that was created with the intention of helping insurance brokers to compete for that online market share that insurance companies are trying to take away and that is becoming an increasingly larger percentage of sales. is not an insurance broker and does not charge any commission on the insurances contracted by brokers through its service. We are simply a platform to put customers in contact with brokers. Once an insurance request is uploaded by a potential client, the broker subscribed to the platform can contact the client and offer him/her the best option. The contracting will be done offline through the client’s email and telephone. will only charge intermediaries a small fee for making available to them all the potential clients who upload their insurance requests. The contracting is the responsibility of the broker’s diligence in responding to customers and offering them the best insurance options they need.
Competing with the direct line insurers, with direct contracting or with the comparators (which only offer direct insurance) is difficult. But competing individually is almost impossible. intends to compete with them and take market share from them, which has so far been forbidden to intermediaries, and to offer them the possibility of competing on equal terms. We have done it in other fields of difficult competition and we hope to achieve it in the insurance field as well.

The advantages for customers of having an insurance broker are indisputable: they offer the final price, they give correct and accurate advice on the best possible insurance at the best price, they defend the insured against the company in the event of a dispute, they offer a personalized service and they will always be available to their customers. We are against the disappearance of a profession that represents the defense of the citizen against the companies. aims to save the figure of the mediator online and to bring mediators closer to potential clients who, otherwise, would never come to their offices. It is mandatory to act in this line, as we know that “future” customers, especially the younger ones, who are entering the insurance market, tend to hire online most of their services and products, so the opportunity offered by should not be missed.

We intend to make it as easy as possible to attract new customers who have stopped going physically to the stores (in this case, insurance stores). If this is not done, the competition of the direct lines will be dwarfing a sector that has been as important and relevant in the development of society as that of insurance intermediaries.

Let us not allow new trends to reduce the value offered by insurance intermediaries and let what has happened to travel agencies, for example, nowadays in clear disappearance due to the competition of digital portals, happen to this sector.